Upsell Items

This field allows you to tag an item with upsell keywords.  The field is a "|" delimited string of uppercase keywords.  If the site setting ShowUpsells is set to "1", items with matching tags will be shown on this items upsell carousel and vice-versa.  This is to show related items on an item's itemshow page, that may be in different nodes of the item tree.

Use the # character in front of or behind the tag to denote a one-way relationship.  For Example:

TAG1# - this is a parent only relationship.  Meaning matching items will be shown on this item's upsells, but this item will not show on matching item's upsells

#TAG1 - this is a child only relationship.  Meaning this item will show on matching items' upsell control, but matching items will not be shown on this item's upsells

Leave tags blank to not show this item on any upsell controls.